Sunday, 1 March 2009

Final thoughts on blogging....

Until the beginning of the course the concept of blogging was fairly alien to me, and it wasn't something I ever thought I would use. As I said in my first blog, I wasn't sure who would be interested in what I had to say, however now I have realised that what I was writing was for me, a reflective tool for me to discuss my progress and thoughts over the course of the sessions.

Keeping this blog made me reflect on what I was learning, which I think I would have done anyway, but it made me consider what I had learnt it the wider context of school, the curriculum and my professional development. Writing my thoughts down made what I was thinking much more definite and concrete, and allowed me to consider both sides of arguments before deciding where I stood on an issue.

This blog also acts as a tool to record all ICT I have seen and used, and what I would like to use in my future practice, and has also made me more aware of the use of blogs within the classroom setting, and how they could be incorporated into a range of lessons.However I do feel that blogs are something I would use with the children in my classroom, rather than continuing to reflect on my own use as I feel that this has more purpose.

Looking back over what I have written I have also been able to track my own progress, and highlight areas which still require improvement. I feel much more confident about using ICT in my teaching, and now that I have discovered that its not as scary as I thought, I will definitely be more willing to try new things to ensure that my lessons are interesting and engaging.