Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Having set up my blog I was fairly cynical about them as I had never written one before, don't like to keep a diary, and I know that blogs tend to have a much more personal touch than newspapers or articles. However having read a variety of blogs from all over the world I now appreciate their value a bit more. I hadn't previously considered blogs in terms of political commentary and thought that they were usually written by people inanely commenting on their lives, but I now see that they can give valuable insight into political situations as they are written first hand, as things are happenning and in the voice of someone actually affected by the situation.
I found a particularly good blog written by a soldier in Afghanistan, written in his own words, which made it much easier to relate to what he was saying and appreciate the situation.
The class I will be working woth for SBT1 have recently set up their own class blog, so I will be interested to see what they write, and how they respond to writing it, and whether or not it improves their ICT knowledge and confidence.

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Somabula Blog said...

You will need to guide the writing, especially to start. What will be interesting is to see whether writing for a larger audience, using a computer, is a motivating experience, and whether it leads to them writing more than they normally do.

For you own purposes, the main objective is to reflect on your growing understanding of the impact of ICT on our society and, more specifically, education.

As such, think about the way the things you learn change the way you think about our world and the way you do things.